Secure Internet Based Time Clocks & Timekeeping Systems

Secure Internet Based Time Clocks & Timekeeping Systems

Time Clocks

Time & Attendance Software

Cloud-based Timekeeping Applications

Secure Servers
Access from Anywhere
Easy Deployment & Implementation


Setup, Configuration, Training, and On-Going Support
  • Punch-In\Out on PC’s, Phones, Tablets, Timeclocks
  • Secure Time input with Biometric capabilities (Fingerprint)
  • Payroll Export Module. Supports most Payroll Services, including QuickBooks
  • Job Costing – Track hours worked at Customer Sites or Job.
  • Clocks for Rent or Purchase
  • Track Punch location using Google Maps  (Smart Phone App)


Replace cumbersome time tracking procedures and completely eliminate manual collection of payroll information.

Executive Data Systems, LLC

Specializing in the industry-leading “TimeForce” software application, the result of 20+ years of experience, customer feedback, and R&D in the time & attendance market. Trusted by over 46,000 businesses in the USA.

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SaaS Version

  • Our Servers
  • Access Securely From Anywhere
  • Easy Implementation