Employee Time and Attendance in a Secure Cloud

Employee Time and Attendance in a Secure Cloud

Employee Time and Attendance, Payroll Data Collection, and Time Clock Services in a Secure Environment accessible from ANY internet connected device!

Painless deployment, cost-effective implementation, complete selection of time clock hardware, and full-scope Training & Support!

Payroll preparation is not an easy task and mistakes can be costly.

IRS statistics say that US Employers experience payroll errors costing them $120 billion annually due to improper time & attendance data collection.

How much is your company losing?

Now you can completely eliminate costly payroll errors, cumbersome time tracking procedures, manual collection and entry of payroll information.

Executive Data Systems, LLC

Specializing in the Industry Leaders of Employee Time and Attendance Data Collection in the Seattle area and Nationwide.

With 25 years of experience, customer feedback, and R&D in the time and attendance market, we design, implement, and support in-the-cloud or in-house applications that we believe provide the best value to our customers.

The products that we offer are actively used and trusted by over 75,000 employers in the USA.

Making it easier and safer than ever to collect, manage, and process employee time and attendance.


Executive Data Systems offers Complete Setup, Configuration, Training, and Technical Support for all aspects of Employee Time and Attendance and Payroll Data Collection.

Our highly Secure, Internet-based systems allow for Punch-In’s and Out’s on PC’s, Phones, Tablets, or Timeclocks, with Biometric capabilities if desired.

The Executive Data Systems Payroll Export Module supports most Payroll Services, including QuickBooks, and provides a full Job Costing capability, allowing your company to track hours worked based on Customer Location or Job type.

Our systems can also track punch location using Smart Phone GPS capabilities and Google Maps.

Executive Data Systems provides Time Clock hardware of all types to meet all of your data collection needs. Available on a Lease or a Purchase.


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