Timekeeping software empowers you to successfully manage employee time. All collection methods integrate with the software, and employee information is there for you to immediately access, review, edit, respond to, and report on. A VERY powerful tool for managing the most important resource of any organization………. Labor.

The application runs on a secure private cloud or on your local network. The software is easy to use, access and control. Getting started is fast and efficient. The application is intuitive and informative. Permission levels are at your discretion for administration, supervisors, managers and staff. Pay rules, exceptions, and differentials are up to you. Reporting is extensive and you can review the valuable information you need whenever and however you need it.

  • Improve employee productivity by replacing all manual time sheet calculations, overtime, shift differentials, and rate calculations with 100% pay rule automation.
  • Reduce employee grievances by ensuring a consistent application of rules and company policies across your workforce.
  • Restrict unnecessary overtime and other exceptions by having access to this information quickly.
  • Assign resources more effectively and reduce the time needed to schedule employees.
  • Eliminate the need to calculate time cards.
  • Eliminate manual payroll errors.
  • Reduce the time required to schedule employees.
  • Do away with timecard preparation, collection, filling, and storage.
  • Significantly cut down on payroll processing time.
  • Lower tardiness rate overall.
  • Manage holidays and vacations more easily.
  • Eliminate unauthorized hours.
  • Eliminate the need to calculate vacation, sick, or compensation time accruals.
  • Identify and eliminate time abuses (break, meal, buddy punching, etc.).
  • Be more productive, efficient and profitable.

Time Clocks


Whether you need hardware, software, or remote devices, all time collection options are designed and built to specifically and seamlessly interact with the timekeeping application. Whatever method(s) you choose, the system gathers all data and tracks accruals. You can define your overtime rules, shift differentials,custom rounding rules, and more.

Clocks by Type:

Magnetic swipe card

Magnetic Swipe Cards work like a credit card. They have a magnetic stripe on one side that employees slide through the time clock to record hours worked. Standard on the following time clocks:


Magnetic Swipe Card

Barcode swipe card

Barcode Swipe Cards utilize the 3 of 9 and 2 of 7 barcodes. Like the Magnetic Swipe Cards, employees slide the card through the time clock. Barcodes can also be scanned with a wand or gun.


Barcode Swipe Card

Proximity card

Proximity Cards don’t require the user to slide the card through the reader. The user flashes the card in front of the time clock (read distance is 1″ or  less). Cards can be read through wallets, purses, and pockets.



Direct keypad entry

With Direct Keypad Entry, a keypad on the clock is used to type in  a personal identification number. This PIN is used to clock in and out.


Direct Keypad Entry

Hand shape recognition

Hand Shape Recognition uses the unique size and shape of employees hands to record their time. There are no cards to create, administer, carry, or lose.


Hand Shape Rec

Biometric (fingerprint)

Biometric technology verifies employees’ identities based on their unique fingerprints. Employee privacy remains protected, as there is no actual fingerprint stored in the system-just a mathematical template. Also available in Ruggedized, All-Weather models


Web Browser

Employees enter time through their web browser on a desktop or laptop computer.



Web Browser  web browser2


Remote time entry can be done with a PDA or phone, quickly and easily from remote locations.